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Main theme:  An interdisciplinary attack on hitherto unexplained aspects of Mind and Brain, and the Nervous System in general — paying particular attention to the technical feasibility of new suggestions, and the plausibility of traditional tacit assumptions.

Secondary theme:  History of Electromagnetic physics (including translations).

Books (printed, and also as ".pdf" files):

  1. Mind and Micro-Mechanism:  a hunt for the missing theory
    ISBN 0-9577737-0-6     R.R.Traill (1999)         .pdf  *
  2. Physics and Philosophy of the Mind:  some new insights in an extended neuro-project
    ISBN 0-9577737-1-4     R.R.Traill (2000)         .pdf  *

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Online Thesis   —   R. R. Traill (1978/2006).

Available below as seven pdf-files (2006), — or as just TWO files (one 203pp) via Brunel University Research Archive (BURA):   http://hdl.handle.net/2438/729

"Molecular Explanation for Intelligence — including its growth, maintenance, and failings"

Ondwelle Short Monographs

(No.16, French version) "Une base moléculaire du ‘schème’ piagetien (le code de la mémoire):   Quelques implications surprenantes"
               (R.R.Traill — Juin/Juillet, 2012)      PowerPoint Presentation      pdf notes+references

(No.16, English version) "A molecular basis for Piaget’s 'scheme' (as memory-code): Some surprising implications"
"                (R.R.Traill — June/July, 2012)      PowerPoint Presentation      pdf notes+references

(No.16, German version) "Eine molekulare Grundlage für Piagets Schème (als Gedächtnis-Code): Einige überraschende Auswirkungen"
               (R.R.Traill — Jan, 2013)      PowerPoint Presentation

(No.16, Indonesian version) "Dasar molekuler untuk Piaget-'schème' (sabagai memori-kode): Beberapa implikasi mengejutkan "
               (R.R.Traill — Jan, 2013)      PowerPoint Presentation

(No.16, Spanish version) "Una base molecular para 'schème' de Piaget (como codigo de memoria): Algunas implicaciones sorprendentes "
               (R.R.Traill — Jan, 2014)      PowerPoint Presentation

(No.16, Thai version) "- - "
               (R.R.Traill — Jan, 2014)      PowerPoint Presentation


(No.14) "Meaningful UV and IR photon-exchange within bio-tissue? — Interdisciplinary evidence, and a new way to view asbestos toxicity"
               (R.R.Traill October 2010)      .pdf

— or link to its sequel in Journal of Physics:
"Coherent Infra-Red as logically necessary to explain Piagetian psychology
and neuro-microanatomy — Two independent corroborations for
Gurwitsch’s findings, and the importance of coherent theory"

(No.15) "The theoretical case that some asbestos fibres could trigger cancer optically, while others act mechanically"
               (R.R.Traill Mid-November 2010)      .pdf

— or link to its sequel in Journal of Physics:
"Asbestos as ‘toxic short-circuit’ optic-fibre for UV within the cell-net:
— Likely roles and hazards for secret UV and IR metabolism"



              Publicly-evolving draft, criticism encouraged:

  • (No.8) Problems with Economic Rationalism — Psychology, Green-issues, and Jobs
    (R.R.Traill, first issued 23 Nov 2007)         Latest version (Dec 2008 — but now again under review):     .pdf


History of Electromagnetic Theory

  • On the equations of the electromagnetic field for moving bodies   /
    Ueber die Gleichungen des elektromagnetischen Feldes für bewegte Körper
    — by Emil Cohn (1902), Annalen der Physik (series 4), 7(1), 29-56;
        — plus his reply to Wien's criticism: (1904 May) ibid. 14(6), 208.
    Parallel English/German text (10 August 2008)        Cohn.pdf
  • On the differential equations of the electrodynamics for moving bodies   /
    Über die Differentialgleichungen der Elektrodynamik für bewegte Körper
    — by W.Wien (1904 March), Annalen der Physik (series 4), 13(4), 650-662, and 663-668.
    Parallel English/German text (11 August 2008)        Wien.pdf

  • Miscellaneous